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If you are an open source software fan and you’re looking for ways to give back to the community, you may want to consider joining the Programming Foundation. Founded by two Mozilla employees, this nonprofit organization is a great way to contribute to open source software. Read on for more about the organization’s history, its current status and the kinds of contributions you can make.


Mozilla launched a Contribution Program for developers, testers, and localizers. It’s a way to provide more support to the open source Mozilla project. These contributions will be used to fund development of Mozilla and Firefox products. The Contribution Program will include resources and guidance for developers and localizers.

Mozilla is an organization that works to bring freedom and choice to the web. It was created in 2003. They produce the Firefox browser, which is built by thousands of contributors around the world.

Its main focus is on advancing free software. This includes releasing web browsers and mobile applications. In addition, it is dedicated to promoting internet literacy and encouraging the use of open standards.

The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is a repository of open-source code. Users can participate in discussions and submit bug reports. As well, they can write articles and tutorials.

The Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit, legal sponsor that supports the open source Mozilla project. This organization is currently based in the Silicon Valley city of Mountain View, California.

Since its inception, the Mozilla Foundation has invested over $3 million in the community. Through funding, they support organizations and individuals in 38 countries across six continents.

Mozilla’s Fellowships and Awards are open to Internet health leaders from all over the world. Each year, they provide mentorship, mentoring, and financial awards.

Spotify For the

With the release of the iPhone X, Spotify has introduced a new feature called “What’s New” that will allow users to view the latest and greatest new releases by artists, genres, and albums. It’s a nice addition to Spotify’s already excellent feature set, and you can check out more info about it by reading this article.

Spotify’s “What’s New Feed”

In an attempt to make discovery easier, Spotify has introduced a new feature titled “What’s New.” This feature will collect and display new music and podcasts from artists and shows you listen to. It will also provide ongoing updates on new releases in real-time.

The What’s New feed is located in the Home tab of the app. When a new release is uploaded to the platform, a blue dot will appear on the notification bell. You can add your favorite artists to the feed. If you follow a show, you can add the creator’s account to the feed. Moreover, you can filter the list of content by adding new artists and filters.

The “What’s New” feed is a continuation of Spotify’s fan-first philosophy. It is the first section of the platform to feature new releases and is designed to increase user engagement.

For the past year, the What’s New feed has been testing. Eventually, the feature will be rolled out to all users. During this time, the feed will be positioned near the “Recently Played” icon and the settings icon.


Spotify claims that it uploads over 50,000 hours of content per day. But it is not clear if all notifications can be turned off. Some reports say that the notifications can be distracting.

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