4 Important Employee KPIs to Track in 2023

If you want your business to be successful in 2023, it’s important to identify and track the right employee performance metrics. This is true, especially if you want to stay competitive in a changing market. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are an effective way of measuring employee performance, as well as understanding how individual employees are contributing to overall company success. Here we will explore four essential KPIs that all businesses should consider tracking in 2023. 

Four employee KPIs for tracking

Whether you are a real estate company or a small startup, it is essential to track and monitor your employee performance. But which ones are important, you may wonder. Below are the four main metrics to track. 

Employee Retention Rate 

The employee retention rate is an important KPI to measure because it can help you understand how successful your business is at retaining its talent. The higher the rate, the better your organization is at recruiting and retaining employees. This KPI can also help identify potential problems with recruitment or engagement within the organization so that they can be addressed quickly and efficiently. To monitor employee retention rate better, make sure to use KPI-tracking software.

Employee Satisfaction Score 

Employee satisfaction score measures how engaged and content your workforce is with their jobs. This KPI can be measured through surveys or polls sent out on a regular basis. It provides insight into how motivated, productive, and committed employees are within your organization which helps identify areas for improvement or growth opportunities for individuals and teams alike.  

To track employee satisfaction scores, survey employees to ask questions related to the workplace and employee relations. Going beyond employee surveys, consider collecting feedback from team meetings, pulse surveys between managers, and employee reviews. Analyzing this data allows companies to easily track employee satisfaction scores and make necessary adjustments to better promote employee morale.

Training Completion Rate 

This KPI measures how well employees are progressing through training initiatives, such as onboarding programs or courses related to specific job roles or skill sets. It helps determine what areas need more focus or attention from management so that employees have the necessary tools to excel at their job duties and responsibilities as quickly as possible.  

Performance Evaluation Ratings 

This KPI measures how well employees are performing against their goals and objectives set by management on a quarterly or annual basis, depending on when performance evaluations take place in your organization. It helps managers better understand where employees may be struggling and provide guidance on where additional resources may be needed to ensure everyone performs up to expectations in their role within the organization.

If there are underperforming employees, managers can use goal-setting software to help these employees set new achievable and realistic goals. They can also give some guidance on how to achieve these goals.

Companies that have employee performance ratings can easily track this data to better understand employee performance across the board. A comprehensive employee KPI tracking system allows HR managers to monitor employee performance ratings over time and identify trends. This can help them make strategic decisions regarding employee development, employee retention, and overall managerial strategies. 


Tracking employee KPIs like retention rate, satisfaction score, training completion rate, and performance evaluation ratings can help provide valuable insight into how your business is performing in terms of talent acquisition and development – enabling you to make informed decisions about staffing needs into 2023 and beyond! By monitoring these four key indicators of employee performance, you can ensure that your staff remains motivated, productive, and engaged – ultimately leading to greater success for your business overall!

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