6 Tips for Winning Big in Online Poker Tournaments

Like most other poker players, you enjoy the thrill and excitement of playing in tournaments and taking your shot at big wins. And with today’s online options, there are literally thousands of tourneys to play every day (I hope you drank your coffee or energy drink!)

All kidding aside, few things are as fun as making a deep run in a crowded field and watching that expected payday go up with every player eliminated. The satisfaction and sense of accomplishment you feel when making a final table (or winning) are unmatched in the poker game.

And with sites like WPT online, you can shoot for the moon anytime you feel like it. But how do the best of the best consistently win in online tournaments? Here are 6 tips that the pros don’t want you to know:

1. Understand the Different Tournament Variants

There are several different structures and styles for tournaments. Maybe you prefer freezeouts where there are no rebuys or add-ons. Perhaps deep or megastacks are more of your style. Bounty tournaments are rapidly rising in popularity. Whatever it is, understand this; the best players find their specialty and stick to it.

2. Switch Between Playing Styles

If you play every round of every hand the same, exact way, even the mediocre players will have you figured out by the middle rounds. You need to mix it up in every aspect of the game.

Vary your pre-flop raises and hand range. Bluff in different types of spots (don’t be afraid of getting called holding air, you can use it to your advantage later). Go from being passive to aggressive and then back again. The point is, always keep your opponents guessing!

3. Be Vigilant in Observing Your Opponents Styles

The simple fact is that most players don’t pay attention to anything beyond their whole cards and the board. If you take the time to study your opponent’s betting patterns, body language, and other tells, we promise it will pay off on WPT online in the long run.

4. Be Selectively Aggressive on the Button

Too many tournament players need to be more active on the button. This is the best position in poker, as you will be the last to act in every round. Use this to your advantage to pick up uncontested pots and force your opponents to make tough decisions.

5. Don’t Tighten Up During Bubbles

This is the biggest networthexposed mistake we see players make; tightening up on the bubble because they’re scared of getting knocked out before the next level. The best players will become more aggressive during this time and pick up several scared-money pots.

6. Play the Games You Enjoy!

Above all else, find the games you like best and stick to them. If you are forcing yourself to play certain tournaments just because you think there is value, your motivation levels won’t be as high as if you choose the ones you enjoy.

Playing WPT Online Offers You Max Value for Tournaments

WPT offers tons of action, large sdasrinagar player fields, and big cash, regardless of which types of tournaments you choose to play. If you dedicate the time to growing your game and constantly trying to improve, you can enjoy success on this platform too.

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