A How-to Guide on Creating GIFs

Digital pictures and videos are highly popular, especially in the virtual world. Both powerful multimedia mediums are extensively used everywhere, from websites to social media platforms.

However, there are instances when users cannot use either of the medium due to different reasons, such as file size limitations, compatibility issues, etc. This is where GIFs come in.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at what GIFs are and list down effective ways following which users can easily create top-notch GIFs. Let us dive right into it:

What is a GIF?

According to Mashable, GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is a lossless image format that supports both animated images as well as static ones. In simpler terms, GIFs are digital image files like JPGs or PNGs that individuals can use to create still images.

The popular format features a “.gif” extension. It offers users of all platforms the useful option to create appealing animated pictures. When they see a GIF, most people mistake it for a short-form video. However, a GIF is not a video. However, GIFs are very similar to flipbooks.

Different Ways of Creating GIFs:

There are numerous ways following users can easily create GIFs. Here is a detailed look at some of the most effective ones:

1. Creating GIFs from Videos

One of the most popular ways in which users create GIFs is from videos. To turn a video to GIF, individuals need to follow certain steps. Here is a look at them:

Step 1 – They need to select the video they wish to turn into a GIF or a portion they want to convert into a GIF.

Step 2 – Most GIFs are 10-15 seconds long. Hence, individuals must shorten or trim videos if they feature long durations.

Step 3 – Once the video is trimmed, users should open it using a video editor, such as Power Director (Windows), or a converter application, such as Permute (macOS), and follow the given steps:

Windows (Power Director):

  • Import the video using the File menu’s “Import option.
  • Select the “Create Animated GIF File” option in the video-to-photo editor option.
  • Select the frames you wish to capture and specify the number of frames you wish to include in a GIF
  • Go to the library and manage the frames per second value.
  • Preview the GIF and click on the “Save as” option to complete the process.

macOS (Permute):

  • Open the app and click on the “+” icon to add the video you wish to convert into GIF.
  • Click on the “GIF animation” option.
  • Click on the “Start” button. Once the process is complete, the GIF will be saved to the Mac’s hard drive.

2. Creating GIFs using Dedicated GIF-Making Apps and Programs

Besides using editors and converters, individuals can also create GIFs using dedicated GIF-making apps. Here are two of the most popular ones:

  • GIMP – GIMP is a popular GIF-making application that is highly used by macOS and Windows. Being almost two decades old, it comes equipped with some of the best features and tools using which users can easily create appealing GIF files. The app is free, which is the cherry on the cake.
  • Gifted Motion – Gifted Motion is another prominent GIF-making application that packs in tons of top-tier features and functionalities, facilitating both Windows and macOS users to create appealing GIFs efficiently. The app’s “Preview” functionality allows users to review a GIF after creating it.

3. Creating GIFs Using Instagram’s Boomerang App

Users can also create animated GIFs or GIF-like videos using the Boomerang app from Instagram. To do so, users need to first install the Boomerang application on their smartphones. Once the download is complete, they need to open the app, allow it access to the Camera app on their smartphone and tap the record button.

Doing so enables the app to take a burst of ten pictures, stitch them together and make a mini-video that feels similar to a GIF. Once the boomerang is saved, users can share it directly on their Instagram stories. Besides this, users can also share the newly-created GIF to any additional sites that are designated.

4. Creating GIFs Using Online GIF-Making Platforms

Besides using third-party and dedicated GIF-making applications for creating pleasant-looking GIFs, users of all platforms and operating systems can take the help of online GIF-maker websites to get the job done within a few minutes.

The best part about online websites offering GIF-making tools and features is that they are free to use. A fine example of such a website is With the help of the website’s tools and features, individuals can easily create attractive GIFs and enhance their appeal by using stickers, filters, and other graphical elements. Besides, users can also opt to use other similar websites like Picasion, GIFMaker, etc.

Any individual wondering how to create appealing GIFs with ease and finesse can refer to the effective methods mentioned above.

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