Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash & How Spots & Acne Differ

Are you on the fence about whether to use your hard-earned cash for benzoyl peroxide face wash? Is it because you just can’t decide if your spots are bad enough to part with your money? Well, there’s nothing that should get in the way of you and clear skin, so it’s usually a matter of understanding whether you have what could be described as regular spots or acne. 

Do I Really Need Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash?

So, what’s the big difference between acne and regular spots? You might call them zits or pimples, but standard spots should not be confused with acne. In truth, acne is the term used to describe spots when they’re also accompanied by papules (red spots) and the bigger problems that come in the form of cysts and comedones. 

Benzoyl peroxide face wash is effective, as it deals with the root of the problem, which is blocked hair follicles. These ‘pores’ become clogged when dead skin cells, excess oil, and acne bacteria block them up – leading to those horribly painful zits. However, you still may not know if you need it, so let’s see what the precise difference is between zits and acne. 

Zits v Acne – Telling the Difference

Spots on their own aren’t really acne. Single zits that settle after a short period of time don’t need BP wash, as the effects aren’t too severe. Conversely, when spots come in groups, and they come regularly, it’s much more likely that your issues are acne-related. 

Zits (non-acne) include the following:

  • Whiteheads – are usually mild in nature, as well as being non-inflammatory. They’re not overly painful, and when experienced on their own, you don’t need BP wash. 
  • Blackheads – also known as open comedones, these are whiteheads that have become oxidized and turned darker as a result. 

Acne breakouts include the following:

  • Papules – these are more inflamed and manifest as lumps under your skin. They may be painful but will not usually have a center that you can easily locate.
  • Pustules – these tend to look like larger, more painful whiteheads, however, they’re usually filled with pus and not so easily removed. 
  • Cysts – also under the skin are severe cysts that are usually soft, big and may be either white or red. Whatever color they are, they’re usually again full of pus. 
  • Nodules – also severe in nature, nodules are deep beneath the skin and will tend to resemble a boil that you need to avoid indian news

You Might Not Need Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash 

So, having looked at all the different types of spots that exist, you should have a better idea of whether you need to invest in some BP wash. Of course, you may be borderline, but if you’re having anything more than whiteheads/blackheads, then chances are, you will benefit from the positive effects offered by benzoyl peroxide.

It should be pretty easy to deduce which group you fall into, as the evidence will be written all over your skin. Should you have any doubts about going forward, then speak to your dermatologist, as they’ll be able to quickly assess you and point you towards exactly the right kind of treatment. 

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