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There is a lot of talk about how to get your products to market. It is important that you have the information to make a good decision. But there are also a lot of misconceptions out there that could prevent you from getting started in the business. Here are some of the most common ones to avoid.

Left Lane Capital

Weezy the gizmo may be a relative newcomer to the grocers block, but their wares have a knack for bringing out the fresh meat. They’ve got a small fleet of tame delivery dudes, and a slew of fullfillment centers, the aforementioned gizmo being the big daddy. The aforementioned opportunites have also garnered a flurry of press coverage in their quest to get the shopper’s thumbs up. Touted as the largest supermarket in the UK, their tally of shoppers numbers are impressive, and they’ve got their fingers in the proverbial pies. Aside from the usual suspects, they’ve managed to lure several big names. So, it’s not surprising they’ve managed to raise a healthy amount of money. Their latest round of investment came at the right time, as they needed to get things moving in a hurry.

Weezy’s business model

Weezy is a new fast-growing grocery delivery app. It aims to provide customers with a streamlined service for purchasing groceries. In addition to delivering products in a matter of 15 minutes, it also sources its supplies from local independent businesses.

The company began as a venture between two time-poor professionals, Alec Dent and Kristof Van Beveren. They noticed the lack of an online grocery service that was convenient, high quality, and affordable. Rather than focusing on a commission-based model, which pays grocery store fees depending on the number of orders, they designed a new business model that focused on quality and convenience.

Weezy uses a network of couriers to bring groceries to its customers. This includes grocery delivery drivers, bicycle couriers, and fulfilment centers. The company also offers a full range of carefully curated products. For example, Weezy delivers beverages, OTC pharmaceuticals, and favourite snacks.

The company plans to grow its presence in the UK. A total of fifteen fulfilment centres are currently in operation, and Weezy is planning on opening up to fifteen more in the next two years.

Getting your products to market faster

Weezy is a UK-based rapid delivery service that aims to offer customers access to local grocery stores and other independent businesses. The service combines fulfilment centers, bicycle couriers and electric mopeds to deliver groceries in just 15 minutes on average. By working with wholesalers, Weezy plans to expand its services to more cities across the UK.

In January, the company secured $20 million in Series A funding from investors including Left Lane Capital, DN Capital and Groupon founder Chris Muhr. As Weezy plans to scale up operations, it will add at least 50 new workers in the next four months. It has two sites in London and one in Manchester.


While the business is currently focused on a limited number of cities, it hopes to grow into a national grocery delivery service in the future. According to its website, Weezy sources its products from select wholesalers and local independent retailers. They will also provide customers with options for sourcing their own foods.

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