Connected TV Advertising Statistics

With the rise of connected TV, marketers have an unprecedented opportunity to customize packages and engage with consumers through more personalized commercials. With the help of third-party data, marketers can allocate linear TV inventory with precision Densipaper. Advertisers can also track the number of unique users who watched their commercials, as well as the number of times the commercials were viewed in full.

With a high rate of cord-cutting in the US, connected TV advertising has the potential to become a significant business for advertisers. By 2022, the connected TV advertising market is expected to reach $17.4 billion, and 60% of digital buyers will shift their traditional TV budgets to CTV magazines2day.

This advertising channel is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to reach a highly engaged audience. According to a study by Nielsen, more than eighty percent of US households will have a connected TV lifestylemission. This is higher than the penetration of cable TV, and each household has an average of 4.1 devices. Currently, 30 percent of adults are watching video on connected TV on a daily basis. Moreover, 60 percent of people are viewing video content on their connected television every week. These statistics are huge for advertisers who want to tap into a highly engaged audience.


A connected TV also allows users to stream video content from the internet getliker. Compared to traditional cable television, connected TV is an ideal choice for advertisers who are targeting millennials, affluent households, and young families. By 2021, the connected TV market is expected to grow exponentially. Because of its growing momentum, advertisers should consider using connected TV as a part of their app marketing strategy ventsmagazine.

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