Could 24-Hour Opening Improve Your Gym’s Finances?

Running a gym is not an easy thing to do. Today, large chain gyms are all over the country, and it’s hard for independent owners to compete with the bulk membership strategies and low prices of those chains. One thing many of the chain gyms offer that appeals to modern audiences is 24-hour opening, something owners of smaller gyms sometimes feel uncomfortable doing.

If you take pride in your gym, you’ll care about the equipment, and gym security may be a major issue for you. Theft, damage and general carelessness are things gym owners deal with on a daily basis and not only do they have a direct impact on your bottom line, they also hamper the customer experience, which can drive formerly loyal customers away.

Better Gym Security Improves The Customer Experience

Automated gym security systems help independent gym owners compete with the chains by offering a more flexible experience for their customers. Instead of restricting opening hours to the times when there are staff available, gym owners can issue key cards or codes to members, giving them the freedom to come and go as they please.

Modern gym security isn’t just about access control, however, it can be used for monitoring, safety purposes and even to automate things like climate control, or to give members access to different areas (such as the sauna or yoga studio) depending on their membership tiers.

Keep An Eye On Your Gym, Wherever You Are

As an owner, it’s natural to wonder who is in the gym at any given time, and what they’re doing there. If you’re in a rural community or have a relatively niche gym such as a martial arts space, you may know most of your customers and feel comfortable with them being in the space unsupervised. In bigger cities, or for more mainstream weights facilities where there’s a high turnover of customers, there may be more concern about letting unvetted people in after hours.

With online monitoring, you can check in on your facility remotely. Whether you’re at home or away on holiday you can always take a look and see what’s going on. You can also save footage, too, so you can review it if there’s an accident or liability question raised.

Security That Puts You In Control

Imagine being able to give your members access to the gym via their mobile phones, and manage that access so their digital key is tied to their membership. That’s the sort of thing digital security systems can offer. You get the convenience of not having to worry about issuing paper cards and having someone check them on reception. There’s no physical keys to hand out or codes to distribute (and change, if you need to revoke member access). Your members only need to bring their smartphone with them, something they carry with them every day anyway.

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