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As the yoypereztechcrunch Q1 2022: Store Intelligence Data Digest article states, Sensor Tower has a number of statistics to report. These include its revenue per download (RPD) and average revenue by daily active user (ARPDAU). And to top it all off, the company has also increased its employee head counts by 50% over the past year.

BeReal app has 51.1 million installs

BeReal is a new social media app that is making waves in the tech world. Its goal is to make it easier for people to share photos with their friends. With this app, users can post photos within a short timeframe, without worrying about having to pay for in-app purchases.

Since launching in December, BeReal has received more than 53 million downloads worldwide. However, it hasn’t yet become a household name. Several of its competitors are also making inroads.

BeReal is getting closer to becoming the next Facebook and Instagram, thanks to its unique features. For example, the app’s RealMojis allow users to send a “real” emoji in response to a daily photo.

Genshin Impact has more successful first year on mobile than Pokemon GO and Lineage

One year after its release, Genshin Impact has already become the fastest video game to reach $1 billion in combined revenue. Moreover, it has surpassed Pokemon GO and Lineage M as the highest-earning mobile game in its first year.

Genshin Impact was created by a small Chinese studio, miHoYo. Its success is driven by a strong investment in live ops and a popular gacha-style system that offers players new characters to play. The company has also launched post-launch content and regularly updates its game with new features.

Genshin Impact is available on PC and mobile devices. According to Sensor Tower, the mobile version of the game has been downloaded 115 million times in the past 18 months.

Yoypereztech has raised $45 million from Riverwood Capital

It’s no secret that the auto dealership industry is ripe for digital transformation. The industry spends more than $150 billion on advertising and operations per year, so it’s a prime target for technology evangelists. In addition to traditional dealer management solutions, such as ERP and CRM, these techies are leveraging AI and data to transform the way cars are sold.

One company taking the initiative is Buenos Aires based edtech firm Digital House. The company has a handful of impressive products, but the flagship product, a remote learning platform, is proving to be a game changer for its customers. A recent round of financing from Riverwood Capital will see the startup pocketing the largest chunk of the proceeds, as well as $15 million in additional capital.

Sensor Tower’s revenue per download (RPD) and Average Revenue by Daily Active User (ARPDAU) views

If you’re looking to analyze your mobile audience, Sensor Tower is a leading source of enterprise-level market intelligence. The company offers App Intelligence and Store Intelligence, and can help you optimize your user acquisition (UA) strategy. By analyzing data about your users, you can better understand the demographics of your target market, and allocate your mobile budget for the most impact.

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