Does iTop Screen Recorder have a built-in editor?

iTop Screen Recorder is an intuitive screen recording application. It can capture full screen recordings, specific regions/window recordings or audio-only recordings in various video formats; additionally GPU hardware acceleration is supported as well as hotkeys to record, pause or take screenshots.

It comes equipped with an accessible Teleprompter tool to assist with recording tutorial videos or game walkthroughs by conveniently displaying prewritten scripts, and enhance your content using an audio denies tool and video compression function. Additionally, this device helps enhance its use with its video denies tool and audio denies functionality.

Video editor

With iTop Online Screen Recorder, editing videos to look professional has never been simpler. Its features include high-quality (4K supported) recording, video editing, webcam overlay, teleprompter mouse click speaker audio as well as more.

iTop Screen Recorder stands out from its competition by not requiring in-app purchases and add-ons that could compromise your device with malware, as well as offering basic hotkeys for starting, pausing, resuming, and stopping recordings.

iTop Screen Recorder allows you to capture HD videos of various 2D/3D games such as Minecraft, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and Rob lox without taxing either your CPU or GPU. Furthermore, this software provides you with a teleprompter feature for creating professional explainer videos with its paste feature for pasting in script. Moreover, its range of supported formats enables uploading onto video platforms.

Audio editor

iTop Screen Recorder allows you to record audio from PC speakers, microphone, and system audio with ease. Its denies tool eliminates background noise for high-quality recordings; plus its support of various video formats and ratios allows for professional tutorial videos or game recordings.

This software gives you control of your recording area by selecting an exact region or active window to record from. With its precise selection tools, this ensures you capture only what matters for your video project.

Record yourself using your webcam, helping to increase viewer engagement and build stronger relationships. Plus, this software enables you to remove or customize watermarks in recordings as well as schedule record sessions so they start and stop at specified times automatically.

Crop tool

iTop Screen Recorder is an easy and straightforward screen recording solution with advanced encoding and hardware acceleration technology for smooth recording and editing performances.

Also included in this toolkit is a video compressor tool, which reduces file sizes without losing quality, making sharing and uploading videos online simpler than ever. Finally, its tool enables high-quality recordings by eliminating background noise and audio interference during recordings.

Its video editor supports multiple formats and includes customizable settings that meet varying needs, making iTop Screen Recorder an excellent solution for creating tutorial videos, capturing gameplay footage or hosting Zoom meetings.

Audio denoise tool

iTop Screen Recorder includes an audio denoise tool to help eliminate background noise when recording videos and audio for gameplay, tutorials or presentations. This can be especially beneficial when recording gameplay footage or giving presentations.

iTop Screen Recorder boasts an advanced GPU acceleration feature to reduce CPU and GPU load, so you can record high-quality gaming videos without lag. In addition, this software supports various screen ratios and formats for your convenience.

iTop Screen Recorder makes editing videos easier and more enjoyable with its newly redesigned, powerful editor tool, making video editing simple and enjoyable. Supporting 66 transactions and 18 visual effects to choose from, adding text/caption/watermark personalization is made even simpler and effective thanks to this handy teleprompter function that lets you make explainer videos more quickly and efficiently than ever.

Share your video

iTop Screen Recorder features cutting-edge GPU hardware acceleration technology for fast and stable recording and video editing, making high-quality (4k compatible) videos easily capture on full screen, window or region with audio from system or microphone or webcam audio overlay.

The program includes both a Video Compressor and an Audio Denoiser tool to further optimize video and audio quality, with its exclusive watermark designed to prevent unauthorised copying.


Additionally, this software features simple hotkeys to start/pause/resume and stop recording or take screenshots while playing games. It supports various video and audio formats to meet users’ different requirements and can directly upload recorded videos onto YouTube, Facebook and Instagram for upload. Read more about the best inventory management software apps sarkepo.

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