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How to choose a company name: generators

You may have good content or the best ideas to share but without an effective title, people might not consider looking at it. Do you own a business or are you a startup but still struggling with bringing customers to your website? Do you want to create a Brand? To help you solve this problem, we have noted some amazing free business name generators. Yes, you don’t have to pay them for help. Let’s take a look at each of them and see how they are beneficial for your business…


Turbologo is a service that allows you to find a name for any kind of company. All you need to do is enter keywords describing your company and choose the industry of work for the generator to pick up suitable names. After that, it will automatically generate a large number of unique names from which you can find the appropriate option. The generated names are divided into 3 types:

  • invented names;
  • compound names;
  • multiword names.

Overall, it’s a good tool with pretty good name-generation capabilities. You should give it a try!


Namelix is a business name generator that suggests company names. It will ask you to enter keywords related to your company or it can describe your company. It then processes the words you enter and generates a unique word with limited letters. It suggests all possible brand words that can be created by combining the keywords you entered. There are two other criteria that the website asks for – word length and style. Namelix allows you to save the names you like and you can directly buy a domain from this site.


Brandlance can suggest available business names, catchy business names, ideas for your business, and even a detailed guide on creating unique names with unlimited variations. Brandlance offers 2 services: Logo Designer and Business Name Generators. The Logo Designer has a large number of premade logo designs to choose from and customize. The Business Name Generator allows users to describe a company and then suggest names based on that description. You can also check an existing name to see its availability.


Here, you need to enter the words that are related to your business and BNG will generate suggestions from which you can pick the name and check the availability of that domain with GoDaddy. They also have an industry filter option where you can select categories. For example, you can choose categories such as “Technology,” “Sports,” “Health,” etc. And this generator will suggest suitable ideas for business names.


Coming up with a company name is not difficult, but it is much harder to come up with a name that has marketing potential and is easy to remember. When coming up with different ideas, you will probably come up with some ridiculous names, but some of them are bound to turn out to be interesting. In case you don’t have any ideas at all, don’t feel bad anyway, because name generators like Turbologo will always come to your rescue. Such tools are easy to use, effective, and in most cases free!

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