The 04. King Kong Slot Has an Exciting Joker Design

The 04. King Kong slot has an exciting Joker design, and you’ll be able to win big on this video game. You’ll find that the full-color, larger-graphic Jokers are the best, outranking the black, monochrome Jokers. You can also win extra money when Joker Wilds appear on all reels. And you can’t forget the Exploding barrel and Banana Jungle bonus games!

Red, full-color, or larger-graphic Jokers outrank the black, monochrome, or smaller-graphic Jokers

A full-color, full-graphic King Kong  สล็อต xo Joker outranks its monochrome, smaller-graphic counterpart. This difference in appearance is a result of the higher value of the red, full-color, or larger-graphic King Kong slot Joker. Monochrome, black, and small-graphic King Kong slot Jokers are all equal, but the red, full-color, or larger-graphic versions are generally higher-ranked than their black, monochrome, or smaller-graphic counterparts.

A full-color, full-graphic kingkongxo slot’s red, full-graphic, or larger-graphic Joker is more likely to produce winning combinations. While black, monochrome, or smaller-graphic Jokers are lower-ranking symbols, they are still the most important icons in the slot’s paytable.

Joker Wilds appear on all reels

In the kingkong slotxo machine, players can win by landing the corresponding symbols in any position on the reels. This feature is very exciting and attracts players to try it out. The slot features a unique feature called CashPot, which accumulates profits on every spin. The CashPot can be found on the right side of the reels. Afterwards, players can collect their accumulated profits. However, they should be aware that the Red Joker has the power to reset the ladders to zero.

The triple Jokers feature is one of the few features available on this slot. It can lead to bumper payouts if you can land three or more stacks of wilds on a single payline. Its paytable is also very high, but you should be patient with this feature. There are peaks and troughs to the game, but overall it’s an enjoyable slot to play.

Banana Jungle

If you’ve never played King Kong slots before, it’s time you did. The title is as catchy as the fruit itself, and it’s no wonder, with the infamous ape on the loose, you’ll be glad you did when this video slot features the iconic film character. Players will find that this video slot features a banana as the top paying symbol, and the ape will even appear on the reels in some game versions.

Donkey Kong loves bananas, and they are the main victuals in the Donkey-Kong game. The Banana Day comic depicts him rescuing Earth from an alien attack that mistakenly stole it for a coconut. Diddy then suggests giving the aliens bananas as compensation, and they’re quite enthusiastic about the fruit. Bananas can also help Donkey Kong score higher scores in this video slot game.

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Exploding barrel

The exploding barrel in King Kong slot jokers design completes the function of the symbol. When three or more of these symbols land on a payline, they activate the bonus feature. Once you find three barrels with the same image, you will win a prize. To access these bonus functions, you must first find the three symbols. If you find three or more of these symbols, you’ll be awarded three Golden Monkeys, which will increase your chances of landing some big payouts.


Despite its ominous name, the King Kong Cash slot game is still a fun-filled way to win. Its unique design and random pictures will appeal to players who prefer an unpredictable plot. While the control panel is simple, the large circle with the word “Start” is a prominent feature. The exploding barrel design will attract the attention of players, and the game’s gameplay has few drawbacks.

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