The Impact of Magic Mushroom and Pure Energy Drink on the Brain

Having constant flowing energy for your brain to function at its best when needed is an impossible scenario to imagine. But, unfortunately, like the rest of our bodies, our brains cannot sustain to work at their utmost best always.

Some factors can contribute to the slowing down of our mental capacities. For example, an unhealthy diet, bad health habits, and lack of sleep can influence the function of the brain.

Everyone wants to improve their energy and help their brain work at its topmost capacity, so they seek substances to help them. Some are approved by the FDA, while others are discreetly availed and used in small to recreational doses.

Energy Drinks and Magic Mushroom: The Key to a Better Performance?

Energy drinks are popular beverages sold yearly with millions to billions of profits. That means plenty of people invest in this drink to sustain their energy.

But have you heard of a nootropic energy drink? They are magic mushroom drinks that contain nootropic plants like stevia leaves, turmeric, etc. In addition, the manufacturers include a small amount of Psilocybe cubensis.

Breakdown of Magic Mushroom Energy Drinks

One known energy-boosting mushroom drink is the Pure Boost Energy Drink, with reviews showing promising effects. The brand includes nootropic substances like Stevia leaves and extracts, lecithin, and Turmeric powder.

Nootropics are substances known as “smart drugs.” The latter name is given to these drugs as their primary function is improving brain functions.

Nootropic drugs, natural or lab-made, can help influence the brain’s memory, creativity, and motivational aspects. In addition, they contribute to a positive influence on human health.

The effects of nootropics depend on the type of drug used. For example, turmeric can help neurogenesis, boost serotonin and dopamine, and contain antioxidants.

So shroom drinks with the boost of energy drinks and nootropics can improve brain function. Users of Pure Boost Energy Drink can enhance their performance at work.

Another ingredient of energy drinks with mushrooms is the Psilocybe cubensis. As most people know, P. cubensis is the infamous magic mushroom. It is one of nature’s psychedelic drugs.

Shrooms contain psilocybin and psilocin, which are responsible for a psychedelic experience. They can alter the brain’s function and perception. Therefore, leading to intense hallucinations of vivid visuals and auditory experiences.

However, like other psychedelic drugs, mushrooms can have different effects at different doses. Some products have a minute amount not to induce trips but improve brain function.

Microdose of Magic Mushroom

A microdose of magic mushroom contains 1/10 of a recreational dose, probably between 0.25 grams to 1 gram, depending on the user’s tolerance. This dose cannot induce any psychedelic trips.

Microdosing with magic mushrooms, like other psychedelics, became a widespread habit. For example, in Silicon Valley, employees use microdoses of psychedelics to boost their performance at work.

Although this drug requires further studies, most people who use it insist on the positive effects. They experience a boost in mood, increased creativity, improved social interaction, fewer anxiety symptoms, and enhanced focus and concentration.

Microdose is like a nootropic, but they need a careful pattern or protocol when taking them. Everyday intake is not the correct practice. Instead, users need to leave out days for the body to adapt to the substance.

In the energy drink mentioned, it contains 100 mg of P. cubensis. Hence, it will work together with the nootropics and energy-boosting electrolytes to help the brain function further.

Take in Moderation

Like all substances, magic mushroom energy drinks must be taken in moderation. Excess intake can lead to severe health damage.

For example, when ingested daily, a microdose of shrooms can lower the effects of the mushrooms since the receptors won’t work with the substance. Hence, methods like Fadiman and Stamets are highly recommended.

Meanwhile, most side effects of nootropics are usually pharmaceutically-made. An excess intake can lead to insomnia, blurry vision, fast heart rate, increased blood pressure, and substance addiction.

Excess intake of energy drinks can lead to multiple side effects over time. Instead of helping you gain energy and assist with daily activities, it contributes to more severe or detrimental health issues.

Side effects of energy drinks:

  • Acute caffeine intoxication
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness and anxiety
  • Induces substance abuse
  • It affects men’s reproductive function.
  • Increase blood glucose
  • Increase blood pressure
  • Obesity

If you want to avoid experiencing these adverse effects, only consume energy drinks or any unnatural substance when needed. If you need to work on a project, drink your Pure Boost Energy Drink.

Where to Buy?

If you are looking for a combination of mushrooms, nootropic, and energy-boosting substances, look no further. Zoomies Canada is where you can find what you need.

You can buy anything related to magic mushrooms on their online store. They offer dried shrooms of different strains, multiple variants of sweet edibles, and tasty mushroom drinks. Visit them today and enjoy limited discounts and offers.


Magic mushroom energy drinks can help the human brain improve its cognitive function. By inducing certain chemicals to boost the mood and increase focus, you’ll be able to achieve your tasks without difficulty. However, like all substances, always take them in moderation to enjoy a better result.

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