The Proliferation of Auto Repair Shops

If you live in the Inner Sunset, you are probably familiar with the proliferation of auto repair shops. During the 1920s, the number of automotive shops in the neighborhood increased, especially along Van Ness Avenue, which was dubbed Auto Row. As more businesses opened, construction continued on auto repair buildings. Before then, auto repair was often a secondary job performed in mechanical facilities. In 1904, an auto repair shop opened on Larkin Street, after the bicycle store on the block began offering auto services.

If you need your car repaired quickly, it is best to find a shop that offers 24-hour service. In addition to 24-hour service, they have a reputation for providing high-quality work. While it may seem difficult to find an auto repair shop in the San Francisco area that offers 24-hour service, there are several shops that offer quality work at a reasonable price. A reliable San Francisco auto repair shop is worth the effort, and the peace of mind that it provides is well worth the money.

The amount of auto repair businesses in the Bay Area is staggering. While commuter traffic is generally less gnarled, vehicle wear and tear is still considerably higher than average. The number of accidents and auto repairs per capita is lower in San Francisco than the national average, but the need for auto repair is greater than ever in the city. But with so many shops, how do you know which ones are the best?

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