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Thinking Of Buying A TV Unit? Tips To Make An Informed Purchase

Contrary to popular belief, TV units are no longer just stands to prop a TV on. Instead, it has multiple functions, making this ubiquitous furniture piece a much-needed item in your living room. From displaying trinkets from your travels to being a hidden storage haven- your TV unit has plenty to offer. Whether you are looking to revamp existing living room décor or thinking of buying a new TV unit online to host your brand new 75-inch TV- read on to know how you can do this seamlessly.

What is a TV Unit?

A TV unit or stand is typically any piece of furniture that offers a surface for the TV to rest on- usually at seated eye level. However, the last many decades have shown the design of a TV unit move away from just being a weight bearer and instead become part of a spectacular multifunctional focal point of the room. Today, TV stands from pioneers like Wakefit come with lots of storage that can neatly tuck away CDs, albums, cushions, wires, game consoles, and much more while aesthetically fitting into any decor. What more? All this without taking up too much floor space either!

Pros and Cons of a TV cabinet


  • TV stands or cabinets are easy to move around and can be repurposed in any room, especially if you are looking to revamp your home with existing furniture.
  • When space is of constraint, a TV cabinet proves to be the best choice with its ability to offer storage solutions along with its primary job as an ‘entertainment centre’.
  • Since the TV is placed on the surface of the unit, all hanging wires are easily hidden away.
  • Creates an aesthetic accent wall with the TV unit as part of the design.


  • TV stands come in many sizes. Picking the wrong size can make your room look much smaller, especially with other furniture like sofas, coffee tables, and recliners in the space.
  • With most TV stands, TVs are not mounted making it easy to knock down posing a serious hazard.
  • The size of your TV may be limited to the size of your existing TV stand.

Tips For Buying The Best TV Unit For Your Living Room

Size of TV

With flat screens being the preferred choice in most households, it’s not the width of the TV that’s of concern- it’s the length and height. The dimensions of your TV are one of the key deciding factors in a TV unit, as it should be able to accommodate the TV with a few inches on either side.

Size of Room

The larger the space, the larger the unit. The smaller the space, the smarter option is to go for a smaller TV console that can not only accommodate your TV but also act as a bespoke accent wall wherever you place it. Visual balance is a key factor when it comes to space design, and getting the perfect size of furniture for the room can certainly avoid an eye sore in the future. The storage space within is an added benefit for cramped spaces and can encourage a clutter-free environment.

Zero in on your décor, Style, and Function

Minimalist, modern, and contemporary, or quirky, eccentric, and eclectic? Zero in on your chosen theme and match your TV unit accordingly. Whatever your style, have the colour scheme, material, and space allocated for your TV unit before purchase. This can potentially avoid any mismatches visually. In addition, it is also important to decide whether the TV stand will only serve the primary purpose of holding a TV or if it will be multifunctional as a desk and a storage space too.

Consider the Current Circumstance in your Home

Do you have little ones who are bound to run around? Or an elderly person who is prone to accidents? If so, it’s best to consider a TV wall mounting unit with a console at the bottom to eliminate any accidents and hazards related to a TV being knocked down.

Read Reviews of TV Unit Online

Do your research online to see the different types of modern TV units available. By checking the facts online, chances are you will be able to view real reviews of the stand from previous buyers. This will enable you to make an informed decision about your potential purchase apart from the regular dimensions, material, pricing, and other details that the website directly has to offer.

Types of TV Units to Consider

  • TV units with a study or workspace option: Perfect for a home with space constraints, these multifunctional TV units incorporate the option of a work desk too. These typically feature TV stand designs with storage options like drawers or compartments as well as an extended work surface to use your laptop on.
  • Modern TV unit with an inbuilt bookshelf: These are stylish and sleek, but they also offer personality by allowing the user to store books. Wakefit’s engineered wooden TV stands, like the Frasier TV unit, have a beautiful Colombian wood finish that adds texture to the books displayed in their compartments. At first glance, the stand looks like an entertainment hub, with the TV framed by compartment spaces to display and store books, while the bottom holds all your media portals.
  • Solid wood TV units: While most TV units sold today are in engineered wood, glass or metal but nothing beats the traditional solid wood material. It’s termite resistant, has gorgeous natural stains and textures and most of all, is sturdy. The Lupin Sheesham Wood TV unit from Wakefit, has a walnut finish and can instantly uplift your living space with its unique and colourful inlay on its doors. Its closed drawers and cabinet space also ensure you get the best storage options as well.
  • Unique TV stand designs: If you are looking to steer away from traditional TV stand designs– why not consider repurposing an old dressing table as a unit that’ll give you a unique touch? Not only will you have something different from the rest, but it surely will be a conversation starter for any guests who come visit!

Buying a TV stand may be a simple option with the offers available online and in-store. However, it’s always advisable to follow the above tips before purchasing a unit that’s best suited for your home and entertainment hub.

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