Top 7 Well-Paid Female News Reporters

We live in a very competitive society, where not only celebrities demand big paychecks. There are many professions that can guarantee you a high income. One of them is a news reporter. In this article, we are going to speak about the most talented and well-paid female reporters, who are recognized by the audience for their commitment and way of interpreting news.

Let’s admit that we all like to start a morning with our favorite tv shows and news channels. There are certain reporters who bring much more views simply because people like to follow them and have a high level of trust. Such female reporters make big money from advertisers. Get ready to read a brief bio about well-paid female reporters with great contracts.

  1. Ann Curry
    Anna Curry has always enjoyed publicity. She started her great career as a co-host on NBC. In her reporter’s career there were many ups and downs. Once she was declined to get her contract renewed and as a result she lost her salary of $12 million. However, she got a new job offer with NBC News and a $5 million salary per. There is no surprise that Ann is considered one of the highest paid new reporters.
  2. Megyn Kelly
    Megyn Kelly started her career in 2004 and was assigned as a journalist in Washington. She is a well known anchor for Fox News. Later, she decided to start her own TV show on America Live. The decision to start co-hosting America’s Newsroom was very well-thought. She makes $6 million per year right now.
  3. Rachel Maddow
    Rachel Maddow is a well-known news reporter on MSNBC. She started her career in 2008 and her achievements are impressive. Do you know that Rachel Maddow’s TV show has earned an Emmy award? Daily news is her passion and the job she is focusing on. Let’s admit that Rachel’s Show was one of the most successful shows. This talented reporter makes $7 million per year.
  4. Diane Sawyer
    Diane Sawyer is a famous new anchor on ABC World News. Sawyer has been always dreaming of a career in journalism. Diane started her career in CBS in 1978 as a news correspondent. She was promoted many times and even got an administrative position for President Richard Nixon. At the moment, Diane co-hosts ABC for Primetime Live and makes $12 million per year.
  5. Courtney Friel
    Courtney Friel has a well-paid position as a reporter for KTTV. This female reporter started her journalism career for GoTV, focusing on sports news and events. Courtney hosted the World Poker Tour. Her fans could see her work on Oxygen Channel as well asE! Entertainment. At the moment, she is one of the highest paid reporters, who makes $12 million per year. Besides, she made an awesome posing photo session for FHM and Maxim.
  6. Tamron Hall
    Tamron Hall is a talented national news reporter working for NBC Today. Before, she was co-hosting the “Today Show” with other celebrities, such as Morales and Willie Geist. Tamron used to focus on journalism and news anchors. Her show on NBC Today was a huge success. Tamron’s estimated net salary is $5 million per year. People simply enjoy her intellect, beauty, and unique personality.
  7. Brooke Baldwin
    Currently, Brooky Baldwin is busy anchoring on CNN in Atlanta. Before she had a good position in the CNN Newsroom in Washington DC. The biggest achievement happened in 2008 when she was working for CNN. Brooke hosts CNN Newsroom on a daily basis. You can see her show at 2-4 pm. Indeed, Brooke is one of the most talented female news reporters with a $1.3 million annual salary.

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