What Are Different Type Of Shipping Boxes Wholesale

When shipping boxes, you don’t want just any box. You want the right box. The type of box you choose plays a major role in the success of your product. That’s why we offer shipping boxes wholesale with different features and advantages depending on what product you’re shipping out. We’ll take a look at some types below:

Types of wholesale shipping boxes

When it comes to choosing the right type of shipping box, one thing is certain: the type of box you choose plays a major role in the success of your product. Therefore, when choosing the type of shipping box that’s best for your business or project, it’s important to consider such things as:

  • The size and shape of your product.
  • The material from which your product.
  • Whether you intend on repacking any additional containers within this container, such as packing peanuts.

The Basic 5-Panel Folder Box

The most common type of box is the 5-panel folder box. This is the most cost-effective solution for packaging products because you can use it for shipping and storing products. These boxes are made from either corrugated or chipboard and come in a wide range of sizes and colors.

It’s important to note that there are two types of 5-panel folder boxes: lift top or tuck top. Lift tops allow you to lift the lid off like a hat. Luck tops fold out at an angle like an accordion so that your product has more protection than just sitting on top of a flat piece of cardboard.

A Die Cut box with a Matching Tray

Die-cut boxes are a great way to sell products. They allow you to customize the shape of the box, which will help draw attention to your product and make it stand out from other products in your store. Their versatility also allows them for various products, such as food items or gifts.

Custom Boxes with Auto-Lock Bottom

A custom box with an auto-lock bottom is a shipping box with an auto-locking bottom. This allows the box to stack without worrying about them falling over or getting shifted around inside your storage area. In addition, the auto-lock bottom means that the boxes can stand independently, making it easier to keep everything organized and neat.

White Glossy Retail Box (with Spot UV)

The White Glossy Retail Box is the perfect choice for displaying your products. These boxes offer a variety of options, including spot UV and gloss. Spot UV, also known as micro-spot printing or foil stamping, is a process that adds a high-gloss finish to areas of the box. Sealing the design with adhesive film or tape will protect it from chipping or scratching. Gloss provides an extra layer of protection and enhances the appearance of your product by making them pop from the shelf. In addition, print artwork is available in the shipping box.

Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Corrugated boxes contain two layers of paperboard, one on top and one on the bottom.

Kraft paper is a type of packaging material that doesn’t have the same rigidity as corrugated cardboard or “correx .” Although it’s similar to waxed paper, it has little structure and won’t hold up well when folded in half or more than once. Kraft paper makes an excellent choice for lightweight products such as clothing. However, if you need something sturdier than kraft paper to protect your product from damage during shipping, then corrugated cardboard will work better!

Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes are a great way to send out your products or ensure they arrive safely at their destination. They are from high-quality materials that ensure your items won’t be damaged in transit, allowing you to ship products with peace of mind.

Final Words

There are many types of shipping boxes wholesale available for purchase. The type you choose for your business will depend on various factors, including product size, weight, and shape. No matter what box you decide to use, Alibaba always has options available at low prices that only they can offer!

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