What Are the Benefits of Quora for Business?

What are the benefits of Quora for Business? Here are a few tips to get started. First, create a profile. You can sign up using a Google or Facebook account, but be sure to use a business-oriented email address. Then, follow 10 topics relevant to your business. Once you have chosen your topics, make sure to enter your expertise in those topics. Then, spend time browsing through answers. You will notice which questions are most popular with your target audience.

When it comes to targeting, there are two basic types of advertising on Quora. Broad targeting is the most common, but it is not recommended for B2B companies. Other types of targeting include interest targeting, keyword history, and question history. Of these, question history will prove to be the most useful for B2B businesses. For instance, if you’re trying to target business owners, you can use question history to identify the most profitable keywords.

B2B marketers should consider Quora as part of their overall marketing strategy. According to research, over 50% of marketers want to establish their brand as a thought leader. While LinkedIn’s emphasis is networking and straight sales, Quora focuses on knowledge as its highest currency. The site attracts knowledge seekers, journalists, and consumers. Additionally, Quora’s algorithm will allow you to identify your target audience, develop your campaign objective, and schedule your ads. If you want to hire the best marketing talent overseas, you can contact an Employer of Record China company.

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