What bra size should I wear after breast augmentation?

When measuring your breasts, even if you have breast augmentation, it is often preferable to measure the circumference under your breast in centimeters or inches. Each country, each brand is different.

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Summary of the size of the European Union. will be centimeters which is not like the size of the country of France France’s smallest is a circumference under the breast of 63 to 67, but a size 80.

for America and the British are measured in inches, measured under the chest circumference, Italy are calculated as the size, starting from the smallest, size 0, some UK brands The size is like clothing size, the smallest is size 8, although Australia and New Zealand are the smallest is also size 8, but the circumference measurement under the breast is equal to the British size 10, is that confusing?

In Thailand, the band size is mostly the European Union. is measured from the circumference under the breast think in centimeters

For body size (Band size), bras of some brands, some countries such as the United States, are not measured from the circumference under the breast. But there are quite complicated measurement methods as follows

  1. In a comfortable upright position Use a tape measure to measure around your breast. Under the breast and measure around the top of the breast
  2. Measure the circumference above the breast. If there are decimals, cut off the decimals. If it is an odd number, rounding up to an even number is Band size.
  3. Measure the circumference under the breast. If there is a decimal, cut off the decimal, add another 5 inches. If it is an odd number, round up to an even number, which is Band size. The value of a. is equal to the value of b.

as follows

  1. Measure the circumference above the breast. In this case, it measures 35.25 inches.

When calculating the band size, cut off the decimal, which is 35, but calculate it as an even number, which is 36. In conclusion, the band size is 36 inches.

  1. If you measure the circumference under the breast, add 5 inches and round up to

Even numbers in this list measure 31.7 inches, cut off the decimal, add another 5 inches, equal to 36 inches, and conclude that the band size is 36 inches (36 is an even number. If it is an odd number, it must be rounded up to an even number.) That is, the band size, whether measured in type a. or b., will have the same value.

Manually measure the size of the cup (Cup size) of the breast.

The smallest is cup AA (AA), then cup A (A), cup B (B), cup C (C), cup D (D), etc.

Cup size is as controversial as body size. because each country’s brand may not be the same. The cup is derived from the difference in the circumference over the breast. Or under the breast and the line around the top of the breast is a cup in inches. Use the line around the top of the breast. remove the circumference above the breast

Cup sizes measured in centimeters Use the line around the top of the breast. minus the circumference under the breast

Examples of how to measure cups in inches

  1. Measure the circumference above the breast, in this case 35.25 inches.
  2. Measure the circumference through the top of the breast, in this case, 37.5 inches.

Take 2 – 1 = 37.5 – 35.25 = 2.25 decimal round up = 3 Summary of cup size (Cup Size) is 3 inches.

Direct determination of the cup size of milk

How to find your cup size by measuring your breast directly

There is another way to measure your bra cup size. In the case of large breasts or large breast augmentation This is more accurate than measuring the circumference that passes through the top of the breast. is to measure the size of the breast directly

Measurement method starts from the outside of the breast to the inside by measuring through the nipple. How much can be measured, it is a cup as follows

7 inches = A cup 8 inches = B cup, 9 inches = C cup, 10 inches = D cup 11 inches = DD cup, 12 inches = DDD cup (E)

How to measure a Thai bra cup size

Under the breast in centimeters using the line around the top of the breast minus the circumference under the breast

Summarize the band size and cup size of the bra to understand that each country’s bra Each brand is different, but how to choose your body size and cup size is the first way to choose the right size, but it will fit you must try on.

So don’t buy a bra without trying it on. Or buy a bra from a catalog or the internet.

How will you know when you try it on that the size is right for you? make you feel comfortable to wear Must have the following characteristics

Choosing a bra that is suitable for breast milk

When removing the shoulder strap Bras can also support the breasts. The most important thing that supports the breast is The band of the bra that sits under the breast.

If breast support (Mostly weighs about half a kilogram) is the function of the shoulder straps People whose breast weight is more than half a kilo and people who have to work raise their arms high above their heads (such as volleyball players) Such bras often cause shoulder pain, shoulder pain, headache, neck pain, back pain.

when wearing a bra The band of the bra under the bust. must be parallel to the floor

The band of the bra at the back must not be held up high.

Band of the bra at the back It must not be tightened or pressed until the fat bulges out into a lump.

The strap of the bra that goes around the shoulder must not be tightened to the point of redness.

The bra straps are not so loose that they slide off your shoulders.

Doesn’t hurt the ribs when wearing. causing the need to keep lifting the bra or fixing the bra

Not itchy when worn The kind that always has to unpack, pick, scratch, is a bra that doesn’t suit you.

Doesn’t feel short of breath because of being pressed

If the bra band is under-wired metal or plastic The frame must not press against the meat to make a dent or scratch.

In general, bras for those who have a lot of breast meat. This will help prevent the breast tissue, particularly the base and breast tissue, from chafing or chafing. If wearing a bra makes the flesh press together more Shows that the bra is not suitable for you.

Bras that support the front breast must not sag.

The entire breast sits in the bra without any part of the breast being compressed.

Wearing a bra, the breast must not bulge up, down, or bulge out the side of the armpit (except if choosing a bra to push up the breast to bulge up).

The bra edge is attached to the breast. Do not press on the breasts or rise above the breasts. If the breast is pressed, it indicates that the cup is too small. If it rises above the milk, the cup is too big.

Hands can be inserted into the front shoulder straps without feeling tight or tight.

The two common breasts of women are often unequal in size: 62 percent found that the left breast is usually larger. Should choose a bra that can cover the bigger bust effectively.

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