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What Do the Different Titles in a Law Firm Mean?

As a new employee, you may be wondering: What do the different titles in a law firm mean? While the names of the firm’s attorneys may seem confusing, these titles have a very important role in the firm. They help attract attention and help identify the firm’s goals. Here are some of the most common titles:

Associate: An associate is a salaried attorney aiming to earn an annual bonus. This is the first step on the “partner track” but associates can still reach this level if they want to. Of-counsel: An of-counsel is a senior attorney who doesn’t have a large client book but does mainly advanced work for a partner’s clients.

CFO: This person has authority over the business operations of the law firm. His or her duties include accounting and administrative functions. He or she may also oversee human resources and technical services. These positions are responsible for the firm’s financial health. These employees may have different titles than the attorneys. These people have the same responsibilities, so the titles can differ widely. If you want to understand what each role in a law firm means, you should familiarize yourself with them. You can also click here for more info regarding disability lawyers.

“Esq.” – A lawyer who has obtained his or her first law degree will use this title. In countries where first law degrees are common, the term “Doctor” is used for attorneys. However, the title isn’t used widely by lawyers in the United States. In fact, most J.D. holders use the honorific suffix “Esq.” in professional situations.

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