What to do in a crisis to save work and nerves?

The company you work for is going through hard times: employees are being laid off, other people’s duties are being transferred to you, and there is no question of raising salaries. So that working days do not turn into hell and the case does not end in dismissal, remember these tips.

The crisis forces companies to save on literally everything, and cash bonuses, bonuses, and other nice bonuses are the first to fall under the optimization knife. In addition, the duties and agency tools of laid-off and reduced employees are automatically transferred to the remaining ones. The workload increases, the reward decreases, and the enthusiasm gradually evaporates.

If you are determined to keep your job, then you will have to go through this difficult crisis period. At least you have a stable financial income, which means a lot.

As you expand your list of responsibilities, master the art of time management and complete tasks in the correct order – in order of importance. If you have employees in your subordination, redistribute work by giving them routine tasks that take a lot of time.

If you see that gradually a lump of tasks is growing to catastrophic proportions, and you are already practically living at work, discuss this issue with your manager. Clearly describe to him what you have been doing in the last few weeks, what results in you have received, and what really important things you still have to do besides the extra workload. Any professional manager understands that even the most efficient and hard-working employee can break down under an exorbitant burden of obligations.

Competitiveness means constant building up and updating of your professional knowledge. Remember how long ago you took refresher courses or professional retraining, passed international exams to confirm your skills or attended training courses, and exchanged experiences with foreign colleagues? do you know the best WooCommerce plugins? Do you know a foreign language?

Continuing education will allow you to follow the changes taking place in your professional field and become an indispensable employee for the company.

Now more than ever, companies need fresh ideas to conquer the market, attract new customers, reduce costs, and develop more competitive products. Think about what new, useful, and working you can offer your company, and use Email marketing automation for your work.

Don’t be afraid to offer yourself to do the work that you can do well. Initiative and the ability to be fully responsible for your ideas have never been forbidden anywhere. The main thing is to objectively assess your strengths, capabilities, and time reserve.

There is no point in getting depressed because of an unstable situation at work. Think about it, maybe it’s time to define a new development strategy for yourself and move towards your goal, get acquainted with new apps for consultants. If you have been transferred to a part-time job, use this chance to freelance, find a new job, or turn an interesting hobby into a profitable business.

Image is our integrity, consisting of the external appearance and the impression that we make on others. Dress in a business style, be neat and keep your shoes clean, do yoga and use yoga studio software. Do not abuse perfume and jewelry, remember about hair and oral hygiene. At least sometimes smile and be friendly. Avoid gossip, critics, and constantly dissatisfied colleagues. Create an image of a self-confident professional with whom it is pleasant to communicate and work.

It is very important to be able not to lose yourself even in those situations when the company is in a difficult situation and colleagues are full of pessimism. Try to be kind and patient. Ignore the nervous breakdowns of others and do not fall for provocative remarks.

Behave with dignity and show respect to other members of the team. Answer calmly, listen more, and do not interrupt the interlocutor. Try to skip all the negativity past you and not get hung up on interpersonal relationships.

The constant stress caused by a negative work environment is exacerbated by the lack of proper rest. There is no need to think about work every second and experience the moments associated with it. This will not change anything, but will only increase the risk of developing neurosis, and chronic fatigue and reduce your efficiency.

By taking care of your health and maintaining a positive outlook on life, you will increase your productivity and the quality of your work. In addition, energetic, optimistic, and efficient employees always attract the attention of the management team.

Appreciate yourself, and have a good working day!

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