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Why Do People Still Use Facebook Messenger?

If you are wondering, “Why do people still use Facebook Messenger?” you’re not alone. Millions of people are using the app every day, and in 2016 alone, it was downloaded 181.4 million times in the Americas. But have Facebook’s users changed? It’s possible that the answer is different, and it might surprise you. Read on to find out. Below are some of the biggest reasons. We’ll discuss a few of the more surprising reasons why people still use Facebook Messenger.

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If you don’t think the number of messages sent via Facebook Messenger is shocking, consider this: it’s not just the number of people using the app, but the type of messages. Facebook has compiled statistics on how many people use Messenger. Each day, 260 million conversations are started on the service – this includes private messages between individuals and business messages. Each month, 17 billion photos are shared on Facebook Messenger. If you’re thinking about deleting the app and not using Facebook anymore, it might be worth it.

In the US alone, 61% of social media activity was done through mobile devices. At the same time, Facebook has a reputation for being a ‘boomer’ social network, which has caused it to lose many younger users. This makes Messenger an ideal choice for the older crowd. It’s also the best place to share photos, videos, and audios. With over 2 billion active users, Messenger is the preferred messaging app of the older generation.

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